Financial Commission starts publishing randomly selected complaints

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Financial Commission is constantly working with brokers and traders resolving various types of complaints. Having processed a fair number of disputes we can see similarity in many types of complaints. Oftentimes, disputes arise from a lack of knowledge or misunderstandings on the side of the traders, about how the Forex industry works. Trade execution during important news releases, margin calls, stop orders execution and more could throw traders off track and cause them to believe there has been misconduct.  For Financial Commission, education is of utmost importance due to its mission to deal with the root of the problems, rather than only providing on-the-spot solutions. Besides ongoing explanatory work we now providing traders with the Case Examples, so they can study how things are working from other traders’ complaints and make sure that the disputes are being handled properly at the same time.

Visit our new section Case Examples where we will publish a random selection of cases for illustrative purposes. Please note that some content of the complaints was modified to simplify the understanding of the material.

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