Webinar: How to choose the right Forex broker?

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SPEAKER Peter Tatarnikov – the Financial Commission Chairman.Peter has 12 years experience in the Forex Industry. He started his career as trading desk assistant back in 1999 and in 2003 he filled a Chief Dealer position in one of the largest retail Forex broker in Russia. In-depth knowledge of FX operations and high managerial skills brought Peter to a COO position at Forex Club USA in 2006 and in 2010 he earned a CEO chair. During his career, Peter designed and held over 200 seminars on Forex Trading. His professionalism and commitment has made him a well known FX market commentator and spokesperson for the retail FX industry.
DETAILS During this webinar we will discuss the selection criteria of the Forex broker;

  • Find out how does the Dispute Resolution Committee work and how your complaints are being handled;
  • We’ll show you how to prepare your complaint for consideration and give you examples of the most common complaints;
  • This webinar is designed for a wide range of traders;
  • The duration of the webinar is 30 minutes.
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