Financial Commission Welcomes Grand Capital as Latest Member Firm

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January 20th, 2016 – Hong Kong & New York: FinaCom PLC, operator of, a neutral mediator serving the online foreign exchange industry, announces today its newest member firm Grand Capital LTD.

grandcapitallogo Grand Capital LTD has been providing financial, educational and brokerage services since 2006. It is a multiple winner of Russian and International awards. The company is incorporated in the Republic of Seychelles, and has offices in Europe, Asia, Russia and CIS.


It is the 12th member to engage the services of the Financial Commission to provide its customers with a neutral 3rd party mediator to help resolve complaints in cases of disputes where customers are unable to come to an agreement with their broker.

Following the approval of its application by the FinaCom PLC’s board, Grand Capital status as an official member of the Financial Commission took effect on January 15th, 2016.

Peter Tatarnikov, Chairman of the Financial Commission said regarding the announcement, “We are glad to welcome Grand Capital as our latest member and happy to see more brokers joining as the value of what we do plays a key role for broker’s client relationships and helps to build trust. For Grand Capital we believe this is a positive step for their business.”

Grand Capital CEO Stanislav Vaneev commented, “Financial Commission’s value proposition is totally aligned with our commitment to serve customers based on the highest industry standards. Brand confidence building and client’s feedback have always been one of the top priorities for the company and this step is aimed to give our clients more confidence in the transparency of the company’s work and should any disputes occur, the clients always know that they are protected by the independent commission. We believe that providing customers with a neutral 3rd party mediator when dealing with a large number of traders in markets such as foreign exchange is an important step in development process for any broker.”

The Financial Commission, an industry-specific dispute resolution service, is supported by a Dispute Resolution Committee comprised of recognized forex industry professionals. It provides value-added service to its members with an objective and cost-effective dispute resolution process that is independent of any broker and regulatory organization.

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