October 12, 2016 – Kiev: Peter Tatarnikov, Chairman of the Financial Commission (FinaCom PLC) – leading External Dispute Resolution (EDR) organization servicing online brokerages and technology providers within the financial services industry, took part in the press lunch dated for discussion of the bill on forex market regulation in Ukraine. During the event such topics as lack of the legislation regulating forex market in Ukraine, vulnerability of private investors, the most effective approaches to regulation of the forex market, the liability of Ukraine towards investors and others were discussed.

During a press lunch its participants announced their vision of the forex market regulation problem on the territory of Ukraine, shared foreign experience, answered journalists’ questions and gave several examples of forex regulation in Western countries, in particular, Peter expressed his opinion concerning necessity of formation of the compensational fund, which would enable client of financial services providers to call in their funds in case of market participants bankruptcy. The event was also attended by Roberto d’Ambrosio – CEO of Alpari Research, Vitaly Shapran, member of the Executive Committee of Ukrainian society of financial analysts (USFA) and Natalia Evseeva – Director of Alpari official partner in Kiev. Press lunch has also been widely reported in many Ukrainian media, including: Finance.ua, Business capital, Hubs, Business channel and other media.

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It should be noted that the issues under discussion today are the most relevant due to the fact that legal mechanisms of regulation of forex market in Ukraine is not developed what does not allow to create necessary conditions for development of and integration into the global forex market, even in comparison with neighbouring countries such as Belarus or Russia, where the laws on the regulation of the financial markets was taken not so long ago.