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Come see our Networking Table – A at Asia Trading Summit this March in Shanghai!

The Financial Commission will be exhibiting at  Asia Trading Summit 2017 which will take place on 29 – 31 March, 2017 at Shanghai Exhibition Centre, East Wing, 1F, Shanghai.

The event is unprecedented in scale. At least 3,000 professional traders and industry executives are expected to attend, representing introducing brokers, technology providers, hedge funds, fintech companies, exchanges, and the financial media, to name but a few.


The Importance of Industry Events:

The announcement follows prior events that the Financial Commission participated in including Hong Kong, Cyprus, England, Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine.

Participation in the Asia Trading Summit event supports the industry and provides market participants with the chance to learn more about how the Financial Commission operates.

This includes how the organization is helping its members improve the services they offer to clients using a 3rd party dispute resolution process afforded via membership status within the Financial Commission.

  • Asia Trading Summit offers a packed crowd of potential partners and customers, fascinating keynote speeches and panel discussions and demonstrations of the very latest in trading technology.
  • There will be top executives of the leading cutting edge marketing firms, technology, payments, service and fx / binary platform providers from Asia, Europe  and across the world.
  • The event supports various aspects of the financial services space in foreign exchange and related markets through various collaborative means covering a wide range of topics from  Marketing and how to improve client acquisition to Technology and industry innovation.
  • The Financial Commission will demonstrate its value to participants through its Networking Table where representatives from the organization will explain the benefits provided by membership with the Financial Commission.

In addition, the Financial Commission expects to meet new market participants who could be potential candidate member firms, including Forex, CFD and Cryptocurrency related brokerages and technology developers.

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