Financial Commission Adds DARTEK Consulting to the Partners Section

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April 24th 2017, Financial Commission, a leading External Dispute Resolution (EDR) catering to the online brokerage industry, operated by FinaCom PLC, today announces the addition of DARTEK Consulting (DARTEK) as an approved service provider to the newly launched Partners section on


DARTEK is a digital marketing agency serving nearly 50 billion impressions per month across its global network of over 1100 websites, and specializes in forex industry consulting and helping brokers navigate global regulatory changes.


Financial Commission has created its Partners section for service providers approved to offer their solutions to our members. DARTEK Consulting is now available for our members and provides a full suite of marketing services including innovative and traditional digital media strategies to help brokers promote their brand while acquiring new customers. In addition, DARTEK’s network of 3rd party partners can provide incorporation/licensing, back-office and payment solutions.

Financial Commission Chairman, Peter Tatarnikov, said: “Digital marketing remains the leading driver of customer acquisition for most brokers and having the right partner matters when it comes to successful campaigns and marketing strategies. DARTEK brings the resources and experience to help deliver the marketing solutions that brokers need. We’re pleased to introduce DARTEK Consulting to our partners.”

About DARTEK Consulting

Dartek Inc. (DARTEK Consulting) is a boutique consulting service founded in 2015 specializing in marketing, business development and Forex industry services. DARTEK’s principal and partners have over 30 years combined experience in marketing and management within the global Forex marketplace.

About Financial Commission

The Financial Commission is an external dispute resolution (EDR) organization for consumers/traders who are unable to resolve disputes with financial services providers that are members of the Financial Commission. To learn more about our requirements or to apply for membership please contact us or visit

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