Financial Commission Warns of Pseudo-Clone and CTOption

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October 3, 2017: Financial Commission, a leading external dispute resolution (EDR) organization, operated by FinaCom PLC, today warns the public of CTOptions and a pseudo-clone entity mimicking Financial Commission in an attempt to clone Financial Commission’s brand and masquerading with purported services.

Financial Commission was recently contacted with information indicating that aforementioned clone entity and a representative claiming to be from was impersonating Financial Commission’s brand and services by using a like-minded logo while purporting to offer fictitious services in what appears to be an attempt to scam customers.

A copy of the documents that were shown to Financial Commission can be seen here below, which we have affixed the word “Clone” to highlight this warning to the public:



Financial Commission has taken measures to notify parties that the perpetrator is a pseudo-clone not associated with Financial Commission in any way and may be operating a fraud as victims indicated the entity was offering insurance in connection with the brokerage account trading.

The aforementioned parties including CTOptions and the clone are not members in any way or affiliated with and we informed the public with this announcement that the entities may be unlawfully impersonating Financial Commission.

The great lengths that companies may go to help perpetrate a fraud can be difficult for even the most cautious investors to detect. Be sure that the .org suffix is at the end of the URL when searching for our website, or clicking on related links when attempting to visit and contact us to verify any email you receive from anyone claiming to be affiliated with Financial Commission.

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