Financial Commission Adds QR Codes to its Certificates to Deter Clones

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December 5th, 2017, The Financial Commission, a leading member-driven External Dispute Resolution (EDR) organization serving participants in global foreign exchange (forex), derivatives and cryptocurrency markets, announces the addition of QR codes as a security layer for certificates issued for members and approved technology providers that have become certified by Financial Commission.

In response to the risk of clone websites and scammers that attempt to mislead users with fabricated or cloned certificates, Financial Commission has added QR codes to prove the authenticity of any certificate in question. The QR codes serve as a security layer by pointing to the official url webpage where the certificate is hosted on Financial Commission’s official website:

The QR code allows anyone to check the associated link to verify if the certificate is hosted by Financial Commission and not by a clone website, in case the certificate is not valid or has been forged.



Financial Commission Chairman, Peter Tatarnikov said, “As cybercriminals continue to come up with various ways to attempt to clone, mimic, forge, hack and phish for information, we decided to add QR codes as a simple security layer so certificates can be validated by users who can easily cross reference it to a valid page on our website where we host each certificate. We believe this subtle feature can easily help users prove whether a certificate is authentic and we encourage all members and those who received certification or membership certificates to use the new QR code stamped certificates immediately.”

In order to check the validity of a certificate, users should scan the QR code or follow the link in order to be redirected to the company’s profile on Financial Commission’s website (a link to any other website would indicate a clone).

Certificates which do not have above-mentioned features should be regarded as fake.

This new validation layer adds an additional degree of security to Financial Commission’s member certificates as well as for providers that have utilized the certification service for trading technology, education and ICO certification.

Financial Commission is an independent external dispute resolution (EDR) organization for market participants who are unable to resolve disputes directly with their financial services providers that are members of the Financial Commission. Financial Commission initially set out to provide a new approach for traders and brokers alike to resolve any issues that arise in the course of trading electronic markets such Foreign Exchange, and then expanded into CFDs and related derivatives, in addition to certifying technology platforms used for trading.

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