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May 9, 2018, The Financial Commission, a leading independent member-driven external dispute resolution (EDR) organization for international online brokerages that participate in global foreign exchange (forex), derivatives, and CFD markets, today announced the addition of FINCAP Advisers as an approved service provider to its Partners section on the Financial Commission website.

FINCAP Advisers have established themselves as a premier advisory for licensing and regulatory services for companies across the world. The company’s main strengths are highly experienced staff, flexible turnkey services, a wide partner network and broad knowledge of the most well-known regulatory jurisdictions for financial services.

Financial Commission has created its Partners section for service providers approved to offer their solutions to our members. FINCAP Advisers is now available for our members and provides company formation and corporate services, licensing for forex and financial intermediaries, assistance with banking and merchant services, accounting and audit services and turnkey solution for forex.

Financial Commission Chairman, Peter Tatarnikov, commented on the news: “The recently proposed changes to regulations regarding Forex and other financial products in Europe will certainly have an impact on the operations of regulated brokers in the region. In this situation it is important to have a highly skilled partner that can navigate the regulatory changes and provide the best solutions. FINCAP Advisers have the experience necessary to adapt to regulatory changes and come out on top. We’re pleased to introduce FINCAP Advisers to our partners.”

About FINCAP Advisers

FINCAP Advisers is a leading boutique financial advisory firm that was founded by Demetris A. Tsingis in late 2016 causing ripples and waves across the financial services and regulated entities industries. It offers turnkey tailored services to regulated entities in an open architecture format offering licensing and post-licensing services across all renowned jurisdictions. FINCAP has commenced operations with offices in Nicosia, Limassol and Mayfair, London and aims to cater to the needs of Investment Firms, Investment Funds, PSPs, Fund Managers, Online/Hi-tech merchants, Reg-tech/Fin-tech entities across multiple jurisdictions.

About Financial Commission

FINACOM PLC LTD. (“Financial Commission”) is an independent self-regulatory organization and external dispute resolution (EDR) body, that is dedicated specifically to Forex. While Financial Commission is not regulated by or registered with as an EDR body in any jurisdiction, it operates in a way where transparency, swiftness, and education are the paramount values.

Financial Commission ensures that traders and brokers are getting their disputes resolved in a quick, efficient, unbiased and authentic manner while making sure they walk away with a well-founded answer, thus contributing to their overall knowledge about Forex.

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