Financial Commission Publishes Case Examples Highlighting Trade-Related Disputes

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August 31, 2018, The Financial Commission, a leading independent member-driven external dispute resolution (EDR) organization for international online brokerages that participate in global foreign exchange (forex), derivatives, and CFD markets, today published case examples on its website highlighting three particular client-broker disputes that were classified as “trade-related” disputes.

The Financial Commission regularly publishes case examples for the trading community and brokers to review in order to understand the issues that often arise as a result of trading and the ways in which the Commission resolves such issues between brokers and their customers. The publicly available information is valuable in both educating traders, as well as improving the services and products offered by brokers.

Trade-related disputes

The cases published today are related directly to the process of trading on the markets and are classified by the Financial Commission Rules and Guidelines as cases that include the execution of orders, margin requirement calculations, commission and trade cost calculations, trade liquidations and other situations directly related to placing trades on the Forex, CFD and Binary Options markets.

Each case published today is important in its own right, but they all illustrate the ways in which the Commission handles situations where a client has a disagreement with the broker member regarding a particular trade or set of trades executed on a trading platform, or commissions or rollovers paid as a result of such trades.

The Dispute Resolution Committee (DRC) takes great care in analyzing these cases, most often referring to independent execution venues and partners to study the tick and execution market data before issuing any decision. Thus, broker clients can rest assured that the DRC will independently evaluate trading data to ensure a fair and balanced outcome for all parties.

To review the newly published cases, please click here.

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