Financial Commission Announces Kappa Brokers and its Associated Brand Capital Level Membership Withdrawn

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September 28, 2018, Financial Commission, a leading external dispute resolution (EDR) organization catering to the financial services industry, today announces that the membership status of Kappa Brokers and its associated brand Capital Level has ceased following a voluntary withdrawal.

Kappa Brokers and Capital Level had met its obligations as a Financial Commission members up until September 28, 2018, when its membership was effectively withdrawn.

Financial Commission notes that it will not be able to process any new complaints from Kappa Brokers and Capital Level clients, following its voluntary withdrawal of membership from Financial Commission as of the date of this announcement and moving forward or until membership is approved again.

Furthermore, Kappa Brokers and Capital Level’s clients will not be eligible for reimbursement from Financial Commission’s compensation fund as a non-member, since the compensation fund can only be used by clients of approved members, and subject to ruling by our Dispute Resolution Committee. The compensation fund is designed to help protect members’ clients in exceptional cases and is funded by the Financial Commission from a portion of membership dues.

An updated list of current and prior members can be found on, including members that have either been expelled or withdrawn voluntarily.

Financial Commission is a leading independent self-regulatory organization whose members include online brokerages and exchanges, across Forex, CFDs, derivative and cryptocurrency markets, as well as certified providers and developers of trading platform technology used by members and their end-clients who are retail traders and investors.

Financial Commission requires that member firms strictly adhere to membership rules to maintain good standing on an ongoing basis. To learn more about our membership requirements and certification process, contact us or visit

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