Financial Commission Announces Launch of New Website for Blockchain Self-Regulatory Efforts

The Financial Commission / Commission News / Financial Commission Announces Launch of New Website for Blockchain Self-Regulatory Efforts

July 2nd, 2019, The Financial Commission today announces the launch of a new dedicated website for its Blockchain Association: The new website will represent all services, education, tools and support for the Association’s self-regulatory efforts in the Blockchain space, including its popular external dispute resolution (EDR) service.

The new website provides digital asset traders and investors an easy way to submit complaints through the EDR service directly to the Blockchain Expert Committee (BEC) for review. Likewise, visitors can find useful educational materials, as well as Expert Opinion articles from the Association’s experts and partners to learn more about the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology industry.

Updated Rules & Guidelines

Along with the new website, the Association has published new Rules & Guidelines for its approved Members and applicants, which will take effect on July 15th, 2019. The new rules govern common standards that members are required to uphold, the member application process, as well as the dispute resolution service between exchanges, wallets, tech firms, and their customers.

About the Blockchain Association

The Blockchain Association is uniting cryptocurrency exchanges and financial firms transacting on the blockchain that are committed to upholding the highest standards of commercial honor and best business practices by providing their customers free external dispute resolution (EDR) services. In joining the professional community companies and individuals have the unique opportunity to consult with industry experts, legal and compliance professionals and fellow association members about regional regulations and compliance in key global markets where digital currencies are in very high demand.

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