September 23, 2019, The Financial Commission today announces execution certification for DealFX, an approved member of the Commission using Verify My Trade, a “value-added” service launched in 2018 to promote pricing and execution transparency in the Forex market. DealFX becomes the 10th broker member to receive the VMT certification.

Verified order execution quality

Following the launch of order execution verification with Verify My Trade (VMT) in September of 2018, Financial Commission broker members continue to apply for certification of their order execution quality as a step to increase transparency regarding execution speed and pricing.

Today, DealFX becomes the latest Financial Commission member to have successfully completed the VMT certification, having satisfied all execution quality standards set out for all members of the Commission. Trades can now view the execution audit results for DealFX directly on our website, by clicking here.

Check your broker’s status

All interested parties can now view the execution audit results for members of the Financial Commission using VMT certifications by visiting our Members page or the profile pages of brokers listed in our Members section. Certified brokers will be highlighted with a unique badge as displayed below.

By clicking on the badge users will navigate to a dedicated webpage for each broker that will indicate the last time an audit was performed, how many orders were analyzed and whether the results satisfied the order execution standards established by VMT.

If you are interested in using the VMT service or would like more information, please reach out to us at