Approved member of the Financial Commission Gerchik & Co hosts 5th season of Demo Accounts Contest with a chance to win $1000. The contest starts on November 1st.



The contest will provide its participants with the possibility to test own strategy in the real market against a backdrop of the latest economical and political news, as well as:

  • to get the taste of the real trading without putting your own money at risk;
  • to try out the services provided by the company given the strategy you use;
  • to get used to the market and adapt to its ever-changing environment;
  • show potential investors your own statistics build in real-life “combat” and not the demo market.
  • to get $1,000 in the account you don’t have to necessarily be the first to finish.

To get $1,000 in the account participants don’t have to necessarily be the first to finish, those who made it to the TOP 55 based on the results of the competition and have complied with all the Contest rules will become the winners.

To get more information on the contest, click here.