Industry News: CLS Releasing Its First Volume Dataset Product for FX Forward Market

The Financial Commission / Media posts / Industry News: CLS Releasing Its First Volume Dataset Product for FX Forward Market

CLS, a market infrastructure group providing risk mitigation and settlement services announcing the release of an FX Forward Volume dataset as part of its comprehensive suite of executed trade data products.

The FX Forward dataset will focus on outright forwards and swaps. According to the statement, these instruments provide an aggregated view of the forward market by confirming price models for forwards and swaps.

This is the first data product provided by CLS for the FX forward market while previous data products address the FX spot market.

This set of data aims to provide helpful insights into FX forward market for 33 major currency pairs. CLS FX Forward Volume datasets can assist users to develop new analytics and provide an opportunity to streamline their FX trading strategies.

Masami Johnstone, Head of Information Services at CLS commented:

With access to more than 50% of global FX traded volumes in the market, CLS processes over 500,000 transactions daily worth USD1.55 trillion. We are uniquely placed to provide FX forwards data providing deep tenor granularity with precise forward and broken dates to market participants.

The fragmented nature of the FX market means there is a lack of visibility of the total volume across all venues. This dataset will enable the industry to better understand market dynamics based on aggregated volume data, particularly, to confirm pricing models, develop analytics for performance evaluation and further support trading models for the forward market.

CLSMarketData offers a unique perspective of FX market activity that provides access to anonymized, aggregated, and executed trade data sourced directly from market transactions.

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