OANDA Japan Further Restricts HKD Pairs Trading

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Following the change in leverage requirements several weeks ago, OANDA Japan has now set up limits on the amount of volume that can be held by traders in HKD pairs. Now, traders will only be able to hold a maximum amount of volume per Hong Kong Dollar pair as indicated below.

Furthermore, the broker has indicated that customers cannot open new buy positions/orders on the currency pairs until further notice. This is surely not a good sign with respect to the impact the local situation on the ground is starting to play in the financial markets, although we have not seen any other major brokers follow suit as of now. This could mean that OANDA Japan has a particular set of customers trading in the HKD pairs, and hence has risk exposure to such trades.

  • AUD / HKD 25,000,000
  • CAD / HKD 23,000,000
  • CHF / HKD 17,000,000
  • EUR / HKD 15,000,000
  • GBP / HKD 13,000,000
  • HKD / JPY 133,000,000
  • USD / HKD 17,000,000
  • NZD / HKD 26,000,000
  • SGD / HKD 23,000,000

We will continue to monitor the industry landscape to see if more brokers follow suit in order to reduce risks for all parties given the situation inĀ  Hong Kong.

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