The italian regulator, Consob has been very active in protecting Italian residents from financial fraud and scams by blocking access to websites of companies who are not authorized to provide services in the country. Following the blocking of a set of websites previously, the regulator has announced that the following companies have also been blocked.

  • Equalizer Ltd Eood (;
  • Swiss Investment Corporation Ltd e Polis Systems Ltd (;
  • Gam Group Ltd (;
  • Platiniumfx Ltd (

Consob is somewhat of an outlier when compared to other regulatory bodies in that it obtains orders to block access to websites known to defraud residents, while other regulators have only issued warnings to its citizens regardings such companies. This difference can also be explained considering local laws and cooperation between authorities in stamping out fraud. We hope that more actions can be taken worldwide to slow the epidemic of fraud and scamming.