MetaQuotes Integrates SumSub’s KYC/AML Services

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One of the most popular FX trading platform provider MetaQuotes partnered with the KYC/AML provider Sumsub (Sum&Substance).

“The trading platform integration with the Sumsub (Sum&Substance) KYC service enables the validation of client personal data and documents with one click. The new functionality provides further automation of client onboarding procedures for MetaTrader 5 brokers and the minimization of manual operations. The data check process, from form and document submission to account verification, takes on average around two minutes,” says a recent press release.

The process of checking user data on the side of the KYC provider includes modern technologies such as computer vision, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, making the whole process of confirming the client’s identity almost instant.

To ensure high-level data protection, Sum&Substance uses crypto monitoring and data transmission via secure communication channels. Moreover, Sum&Substance provides GDPR-compliant services and ensures the necessary infrastructure for the safe storage of user information.

Sumsub is one of the market leaders in online verification and KYC/AML in Central, Eastern Europe, and Asia which allows online services around the world to meet regulatory requirements, prevent fraud and enhance customer confidence.

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