ATFX Conducts Charitable Efforts and Announces Launch of MT5

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Well-known broker ATFX has been in the news today surrounding several notable topics, including their upcoming launch of MT5 platform for retail traders and their charitable efforts in Malaysia.

The broker has announced that in their customers will be able to use the MT5 platform starting in the first quarter of 2020. Likewise, traders will have access to an expanded product set along with the platform launch. “To enhance the user experience as well as increasing the product range and price, ATFX plans to launch the MT5 trading platform to the different regions. This global project is being rolled out in phases as scheduled. The platform will be available to clients by the first quarter of 2020” said ATFX’s management team today.

FinanceFeeds has also reported that, as part of their expansion in Asia and specifically Malaysia, the broker can conducted a charity event at House of Joy where ATFX’s team of volunteers and IBs had organised a charity visit to offer gifts to children in need and sponsored a delicious lunch and gifts, as well as a magic show drawing game together with 50 children.

This is a welcome sight for our industry to see a broker expanding their trading options for traders while also engaging in corporate social responsibility in developing regions where it operates and where many people of all walks of life need help.

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