FCA Warns of ATFX Broker Clone

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The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom has issued a warning to the public regarding a clone of an authorized broker ATFX. ATFX is owned by AT Global Markets (UK) and the firm has recently been the target of scammers in the form of a clone calling itself ATUK.

The ATUK clone maintains a website that exploits the official company’s reputation by featuring its official website address at the foot of each web page and listing all its regulatory license numbers. The FCA-authorized broker is available at www.atfx.com/uk and has no association with the clone brand’s domain atfx-uk.com. The firm was not only identifying itself as a well-known online trading company under false pretenses, but it was operating without authorization as well. Consumers are thus deceived, thinking they are dealing with a regulated entity.

Traders are urged to always use caution when choosing a broker to trade with and carefully study the website of the company actually providing the trading service. For a quick and easy check, traders can use the “Check Your Broker” feature on our official website.

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