The Financial Markets Authority of New Zealand (FMA) has issued a warning regarding a possible scam concerning the firm SL Markets, which also goes by the alias Super Lucky Prime and SL Prime. The scam looks to be illegally soliciting New Zealand residents and is using a clever way to disguise its regulatory approval, or lack thereof.

The FMA points out that the company has purported to indicate that it is regulated and authorized by the Financial Regulatory Authority of New Zealand, which, in fact does not exist. Furthermore it has become clear to the regulator that the company simply copied the contact details and registration of an unaffiliated company – National Cloud Service Co Limited.

In issuing its warning, the FMA of New Zealand stated: ““We are concerned that SL Markets may be operating a scam. SL Markets is using National Cloud Service Co Limited’s financial service provider registration details on their website and claims its operations are regulated by the Financial Regulatory Authority of New Zealand.”

We urge all New Zealand residents to avoid this possible scam:

ENTITY NAME: SL Markets (also known as Super Lucky Prime/ SL Prime)