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March 11th,  2020, The Financial Commission today announces their successful participation at the New York Traders Expo hosted by Moneyshow, which took place at the New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge, on March 7-9th, 2020 and featured seminars, panel discussions, workshops, and product demos.

The event brought together over 500 industry professionals from the futures, forex and options markets, as well as automated trading and research providers and technology firms. Numerous keynote speakers from the digital trading and investment community provided research and analytics on trading futures, options and other asset classes during the 3 day event.





Our representatives met in person with event delegates to discuss current developments in the world markets and their impact on individual investors and investment firms. Financial Commission was able to discuss the US Forex market and efforts to provide superior customer service and trading to retail Forex investors with representatives of IG Group’s new US offering.





A highlight of the three day event was a panel discussion moderated by the Global Director of Online Broker Research at, Steven Hatzakis, with some of the leading equities brokers in the United States – Lightspeed Trading, Tradestation and Fidelity Investments. The discussion shed light on how brokers will generate revenue operating with the “commission free” model that is now being offered to market participants, as well as technology, platforms and features that help investors find the right trading opportunities.

Commenting about the event participation, Financial Commission COO, Nikolai Isayev said, “we are pleased to have participated in New York Traders Expo to find out the latest developments in the equities, futures, options and Forex segments of the financial markets. The opportunity to meet and discuss important developments in trading, technology and regulations with key stakeholders was a great experience and we look forward to future events hosted by Moneyshow.”

About Financial Commission

Founded in 2013, the Financial Commission is a leading independent member-driven external dispute resolution (EDR) organization for international online brokerages, exchanges and Blockchain firms that participate in global foreign exchange (forex), derivatives, CFD and digital asset markets.

Financial Commission provides efficient compliance solutions to its members, alongside its External Dispute Resolution (EDR) mechanism that serves as an effective channel for processing complaints from clients of member firms.

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