EXANTE Launches Direct Trading in US Government Bonds

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EXANTE – Maltese-based brokerage company, has recently enabled direct access to US government bonds as part of a proposal for fixed income instruments. Traders can place bond applications directly on the EXANTE platform, reports the broker

“We offer a broad collection of the sovereign, corporate, investment grade and high yield instruments across the developed and emerging markets. EXANTE allows for margin trading and asset-based lending subject to individual risk assessment. We offer firm quotes and DMA execution for a wide range of bonds. We now work to add more immediately available bonds so you can save time on interim communications, ”says the release.

Thus, by default, EXANTE offers traders more than 6,000 bonds from the first day. The offer is scaled up to 300 thousand instruments at the request of investors.

“The EXANTE team regularly replenishes the list of bonds available directly from the terminal to save customers time,” company representatives added.

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