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April 16th, 2020, The Financial Commission today announces its continued efforts to protect traders and investors during the Covid-19 pandemic. In answering inquiries from traders around the world, Financial Commission experts identified common themes used by possible scammers and untrustworthy companies to entice investors to deposit funds for investment purposes. In order to protect investors from falling victim to such scams, the Financial Commission has published a new guide to help investors know what to look out for when approached about a possible investment.

How to Avoid Investment Scams

The new guide is available in the Tips for All section of the Financial Commission’s official website. Traders and investors can find out how to:

  1. Evaluate the risks of investment offers received via social media and messenger apps from unknown persons or companies
  2. Spot a scam website and determine the legitimacy of an investment firm
  3. Check a company’s withdrawal policies to understand risks to your personal funds and possible profits

The practical tips and instructions provided in the guide should be used by traders and investors worldwide to evaluate risks to their capital, as well as personal and financial information. With increased activity of scammers and fraudulent websites amid the Covid-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever to carefully evaluate all the information provided by persons and firms soliciting funds from you for investment.

Stay Informed 

To further protect your information and funds you can check out our other guides and articles for traders, as well as use our ‘Check Your Broker’ directory to quickly find out the status of a broker. Our news articles are updated daily and will also help you find out the latest information on regulatory changes and alerts and notices regarding brokers and investment firms so that you can make informed decisions on where and how to invest your funds.

About the Financial Commission

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