Italian CONSOB Website Blocking Spree Continues

The Financial Commission / Regulatory Actions / Italian CONSOB Website Blocking Spree Continues

Italy’s Companies and Exchange Commission (CONSOB) has announced a new order to block additional suspected fraudulent and suspicious scam websites from the Italian public. The regulator has now effectively blocked some 199 websites as a result of new powers granted by the so-called “Growth Decree”.

The new websites identified by CONSOB are:


  • CNBSFIN Ltd (;
  • “BitFxMarkets” (
  • STSRoyal Ltd and Capital Letter GMBH (;
  • Game Capital ADS (;
  • One Thousand One Ltd (


Besides such blocking, the regulator has the capability and authority to adopt precautionary measures against entities that do not comply with Italian laws. For example, in December 2019, Consob banned Rodeler Limited from the provision of investment services and conducting activities in Italy. Rodeler is the parent company of 24fx and 24option.

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