Member Update: SamTrade FX Appoints Richard Chris Dyason as Advisor and Brand Ambassador

The Financial Commission / Commission News / Member Update: SamTrade FX Appoints Richard Chris Dyason as Advisor and Brand Ambassador

May 13th, 2020, The Financial Commission, today announces updates from approved broker member SamTrade FX as it continues to grow its operations in Asia. The company has opened offices in Singapore, Hong Kong as well as Shanghai and a presence in Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam to provide an all-round, personalized service to clients and partners. To support the growth of the organization, the broker is adding to its board of advisors and is pleased to announce the appointment of Richard Chris Dyason as Brand Ambassador and Advisor to Samtrade FX.

Sam Goh, Founder and CEO of Samtrade FX commented that “over the last few years, Samtrade FX has had phenomenal growth, with over 50,000 clients trading across 8 countries, we aim to build trust and confidence with every trade.” Samtrade FX is enhancing its governance and oversight to ensure that the organisation is continually adhering to risk and governance best practices. In the long run, this would ensure that Samtrade FX continues to deliver the service and assurance that our clients demand.

About Richard Dyason

As a brand ambassador, Mr. Richard Chris Dyason will also seek to strengthen and enhance the business bilateral relationship between stakeholders and Samtrade FX, in addition to counsel on the Singapore Fintech licensing environment and regulation, providing advice on the license acquisition. Mr. Dyason has over 30 years of experience with over 20 years within the financial services sector and is currently the General Manager of SIAS.

Mr. Dyason earned his BA in Economics from Massey University in 1990 and the expert trainer has been previously working as the Vice President as SGX, and he is known as Singapore’s leading expert in FX. He is also the General Manager of Securities Investors Association Singapore (SIAS) with over 20 years of experience in various management positions in the financial services and over 30 years of management and consulting experience. He has been a trainer for several organizations, and he is passionate about investment training and educating investors.

With the addition of Richard Dyason to its team, the forex brokerage company made an important step in its quest to expand its presence globally while providing exceptional client services.

About SamTrade FX

Samtrade FX is incorporated in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines under registered number 25290 IBC 2019 by the Registrar of International Business Companies, registered by the Financial Services Authority of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines to carry on the business of dealing in securities as a Principal in 2015.

As a fully licensed brokerage, Samtrade FX has built up an extensive and comprehensive fund security structure to ensure maximum fund safety for all its clients. The company is also well known for being one of the fastest brokerages in terms of clients’ fund withdrawals. Together with the flagship Marketing loyalty program, Samtrade FX is well-positioned to offer world-class products and services to its clients globally.

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