FBS Expands CFD Offering with Pharma Stocks

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Given the current Covid-19 pandemic and efforts to develop an effective vaccine, pharmaceutical and technology companies are getting a lot of attention from traditional and novice investors. To capitalize on this phenomenon some CFD brokers are expanding their product set to offer traders the opportunity to invest in the pharmaceutical sector, which is racing to find a safe vaccine.

FBS has begun to offer such equity Contracts for Difference (CFDs) allowing investors to speculate on the performance of the companies and the vaccine efforts they are participating in. The following companies are now available to trade with the broker:

  • INO (Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc.)
  • MRNA (Moderna, Inc.)
  • SNY (Sanofi)
  • BNTX (BioNTech SE)
  • EBS (Emergent BioSolutions Inc.)
  • NVAX (Co-Diagnostics, Inc.)
  • GILD (Gilead Sciences, Inc.)

We expect other brokers to follow suit with this expansion of CFD contracts available for trading pharmaceutical companies, since such contracts have already significantly appreciated in price. For example, MRNA (Moderna, Inc.) has seen a 100% increase in value from the $30 a share it was trading at when the Covid-19 epidemic began, as highlighted by our colleagues at Finance Magnates:


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