Italy’s CONSOB Adds Seven Firms to Blacklist

The Financial Commission / fexp / Italy’s CONSOB Adds Seven Firms to Blacklist

Italy’s financial markets regulator, known as the Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa (CONSOB) has announced the blacklisting of seven more unauthorized firms known to have been operating in Italy and soliciting clients. The firms have now been blacklisted by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the country to protect clients in the future.

The firms in question are:

  • DirectaFx Limited (website;
  • Gntfin LTD (website;
  • Maxi Services Ltd (website;
  • Platiniumfund Ltd (website;
  • Digital Exchange Limited and Securex Plus Solutions EOOD (website;
  • “ProConsultingInvest” (website;
  • “Tfx25” (website

With the addition of these firms, the total number of websites blocked by CONSOB is now 268. In its notice, the Italian regulator also mentioned websites and companies which have been reported to provide services without authorization by other international regulators, including the FCA, SFC, FSMA, CNMV, and others.

Traders should save this link in order to check on future notices from CONSOB if they are concerned about their broker offering services in Italy. In the meantime, brokers’ statuses can be checked using our simple ‘Check Your Broker’ directory.

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