FCA Issues Warning For Another ETX Capital Clone

The Financial Commission / Regulatory Actions / FCA Issues Warning For Another ETX Capital Clone

The United Kingdom’s financial regulator, Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), has just warned of another clone of ETX Capital, which has been soliciting customers under the guise of being associated with the regulated, parent company. The regulator stated, “fraudsters are using the details of firms we authorize to try to convince people that they work for a genuine, authorized firm.”

As pointed out by our colleagues at Finance Magnates: “unlike the previous FCA-flagged clone of ETX Capital that was exactly impersonating the authorized broker, this new fraudulent platform created a genuinely looking platform and is only using the name of the authorized company.” Traders should heed these warnings and confirm the registration and authorization of such companies before opening an account.


The clone firms details are:

Prime Capital Invest (clone of FCA authorized firm)

Telephone: +447537126270, +447537129443

Website: https://primecapitalinvest.com/

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