US CFTC Charges 20 Firms with False Registration Claims

The Financial Commission / Regulatory Actions / US CFTC Charges 20 Firms with False Registration Claims

With online financial scams affecting nearly all countries, the US financial authorities at the The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) have issued a press-release charging different companies with making false representations regarding their registration and/or authorization with the US financial regulator.

The regulator pointed out that its latest actions are “examples of the CFTC’s efforts to aggressively root out fraud and bad actors involved in our markets,” said Division of Enforcement Director James McDonald. “As these actions show, the CFTC will act decisively to prevent false claims of CFTC or NFA registration.” The authorities stress that the public should verify a company’s registration with the Commission before committing funds. If unregistered, a customer should be wary of providing funds to that entity. A company’s registration status can be found using NFA BASIC. More information can be found at

The companies charged with false claims are:,,,,,,,,,,, Goldman Global Investment Funds Ltd., Merryl Morgan, Swiss FX Trade, Ultracapitals, Vertex Holdings Limited, United Financial Limited, DST Clouds International Limited, Bullet Capital & Contract Occurrence Management Merchants, ESOM.

Traders who may have been victims of the above firms are encouraged to contact their local financial regulators for assistance.

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