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Australian based online brokerage AETOS AU has warned existing and prospective clients regarding a clone website set up to fraudulently imposter the ASIC regulated broker. The company announced the warning via a pop-up on its website (see below).

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The broker noted that the attempted cloning of its official website is intended to help criminals commit fraud against customers in an effort to obtain customer funds from unsuspecting clients. The company provided their confirmed bank wire details in the message to ensure that any customers who are planning to send funds properly submit their bank wire forms.

AETOS also commented that “all communications should come from a valid AETOS email address (email suffix: @, and should not come from a web email address, such as Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. All companies and individuals who illegally use AETOS information for fraud, once verified, AETOS will take corresponding legal measures to pursue its responsibilities.”

We remind all traders and investors that such criminal activity remains elevated in many regions of the world, including Australia, resulting in millions of dollars worth of losses for unsuspecting victims. Before opening an account at an online brokerage, we encourage everyone to thoroughly check the regulatory license, company registration and other details to ensure they are dealing with a legitimate company.

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