Clark Hogan – Founder Byzantine Works

The Financial Commission / Clark Hogan – Founder Byzantine Works

Clark is a multifaceted technology professional who has dedicated his career to adding sales leadership to high-growth software companies with a new focus on enterprise-grade blockchain technologies. Mr. Hogan began his professional career after earning a BS in Computer Science and Economics from Rutgers College.  As middleware engineer, he engineered solutions for brands such as Fedex Kinkos, PR Newswire, and Barnes and Noble. Following this role Mr. Hogan transitioned to technology sales and executive management, delivering results for three early-stage startups that were acquired by publicly traded companies. Clark then went on to co-found six Los Angeles-based startups specializing in machine learning, analytics, OpenStack cloud computing, and blockchain, raising millions via seed investments, ICO’s, and closed dealflow. His most recent endeavor is, blockchain products, and solutions company.  Their products reduce the complexity of blockchains for their customers and have built solutions for industries such as exchanges, insurance, gaming, and supply chains.