Dr. Anna Becker – Founder Sherpa

The Financial Commission /  Dr. Anna Becker – Founder Sherpa

With more than 20 years of senior leadership and innovation in retail brokerage and finance organizations, Dr. Anna Becker has core experiences in founding retail software solutions and building retail brokerages. She has proven expertise in bringing new technologies like big data systems, behavioral systems and automation to drive innovation in retail trading. Dr. Becker’s early entrepreneurial successes range from founding Strategy Runner (Sold) to driving growth in established organizations (MF Global, Gilboa Fund).  Lately, she founded Sherpa (www.allsherpa.com) to provide new technologies and services to retail financial institutions. As an experienced executive and change agent in retail finance,  Dr. Becker has worked with more than 300 brokers and has served as the compliance officer with regulators like the NFA and CFTC.Dr. Anna Becker holds MSc degree in computer science and PhD degree in AI from Technion (Israel). She is also an author of several books on Artificial Intelligence and has deep experience in algorithmic investment solutions.