Financial Commission Participates in the Annual iFX Expo in Macau

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In the prestigious and renowned annual iFX Expo, which took place over the course of the 21st-23rd of January 2014 in Macau, all the biggest figures of the Forex industry gathered together to address common issues, network and strengthen ties. The iFX Expo is the ultimate B2B gathering place for the Forex industry, with emphasis being placed on Asia; a decision itself which symbolizes geographical expansion of this industry.

Following suit from previous years, this event was a major success. The iFX Expo welcomed over 1400 individuals from the industry and proudly presented quality content and high-rank speakers. All this alongside a buzzing exhibition space of over 60 booths and their exhibitors.

One of the major names in the industry today is of course the Financial Commission, which made quite an appearance at this event. Representatives of the Commission were there to greet new members, explain this new and unique concept to numerous interested brokers, clients and IBs, and shake hands with existing members worldwide who joined this year’s expo. There is no doubt that the word is spreading about this new and sought-after option for dispute resolution in the field of Forex. The DRC members themselves also made an appearance, and were glad to meet those who have already experienced the Financial Commission’s dispute resolution process, as well as those who are eager to join.

There is no doubt that the new focus of 2014 is the widening geographical scope of the Financial Commission, as more and more brokers and traders alike are exposed to this much-needed new entity in our industry.

Please see some pictures from the conference.

Maor&Peter M.Greenberg&A.Pavlenko
Peter Tatarnikov (Financial Commission)
Maor Lahav (CEO PandaTS)
Michael Greenberg (CEO Forex Magnates)
Alex Pavlenko (Financial Commission)


Alex&Randy Kevin, Peter and Alex
Alex Pavlenko (Financial Commission)
Alexander Belyakov (CEO Lionstone)
Randy Zhou CEO (FXShell)
Peter Tatarnikov (Financial Commission)
Kevin Millien (CEO Millien Consulting)
Alex Pavlenko (Financial Commission)


Alpari ATCBrokers
Vladislav Kovalchuk (Marketing Director Alpari)
Sergey Vyazmin (Legal Director Alpari)
Alex Pavlenko (Financial Commission)
Peter Tatarnikov (Financial Commission)
Michael Mirarchi (CEO ATC Brokers)



About the Financial Commission
The Financial Commission is an external dispute resolution (EDR) organization for consumers/traders who are unable to resolve disputes with financial services providers that are members of the Financial Commission. The Financial Commission set out to provide a new approach for traders and brokers alike to resolve any issues that arise in the course of trading the Forex market. The Financial Commission was established to be a neutral 3rd party committee to fairly review and resolve complaints in an effort to facilitate a simpler, swifter resolution than through industry regulators and the legal system

For more information, please contact The Financial Commission – [email protected]

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