Comment: Technology Provider
Date of Certification: 02.03.2015
Certification status: Active
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Ibinex Solutions LTD is domiciled in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and is regulated there by the local FSA, and provides Cryptocurrency Liquidity via its own proprietary platform and as a turn-key-solution for brokers and institutions. The Ibinex Cryptocurrency trading technology supports an innovative ECN model that provides a range of order types and risk management with a full back office platform and API. Ibinex provides custom technology development and professional services, for new startups and existing organizations within the financial markets. Our range of services includes the web, mobile, and network configurations. Ibinex can provide clients a stand-alone Crypto Wallet for Mobile, which they can brand and offer to customers through Google Play and Apple apps – providing additional layers of branding and revenue. Ibinex custom reporting can be utilized for specific needs and customized to integrate with 3rd party services.