Date of registration: 29.11.2018
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Ibinex is an exchange to exchange ecosystem, harnessing the power of thousands of exchanges with a connected and unified backend infrastructure. The combined trading of all Ibinex white label exchanges will make Ibinex the most used crypto trading platform in the world. Ibinex is a full stack dedicated and private institutional white label platform where anyone can set up their own customized cryptocurrency exchange in less than a month. Ibinex is a fully operational plug and play solution includes all possible elements needed to run a profitable efficient and successful exchange. Ibinex enables clients to add any coin or token they choose, including their own issued coin, via their own exchange at zero cost making it instantly accessible to the entire trading network (subject to any applicable law and\or regulatory framework). Ibinex is an EU regulated platform and is licensed in Estonia as a Virtual currency exchange service (Authorization Number FVR000204) and as a Virtual currency wallet service (Authorization Number FRK000170).