Financial Commission Announces the Launch of Educational Webinars

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August 8th 2014: Hong Kong & New York, FinaCom PLC, operator of, the independent mediator for Foreign Exchange and Binary Options has announced today the launch of several educational webinars, aimed at teaching traders how to choose the right forex broker.

The online workshops will be hosted by the Financial Commission. During the session, the Chairman, Peter Tatarnikov will discuss the selection criteria that can help traders conduct due diligence when choosing a forex broker to establish a live forex trading account.

Items to be discussed during the webinar include:

  • What Items to Look for When Choosing a Broker
  • How Does the Dispute Resolution Committee of the Financial Commission Help Market Participants
  • How Do Traders Prepare Complaints When All Else Fails
  • What Are Common Complaints Traders Have
  • How Trader Education Helps Clients Detect and Avoid Challenges

Mr. Tatarnikov has nearly 14 years experience in the Forex Industry, having started his career as trading desk assistant back in 1999, in 2003 he filled a Chief Dealer position in one of the largest retail Forex brokers in Russia.

Gaining in-depth knowledge of FX operations and high managerial skills brought Peter to a COO position at Forex Club USA in 2006 and in 2010 he earned a CEO chair. During his career, Peter designed and held over 200 seminars on Forex Trading, and thus brings a wealth of experience as a speaker.  His professionalism and commitment has made him a well-known FX market commentator and spokesperson for the retail FX industry.

The webinars are scheduled to take place every Tuesday at 13:00 EST, with registration now open for the following upcoming dates:

Registration can be completed via, and after which an email with a link to enter the virtual classroom will be automatically sent to the e-mail address provided during the registration process.

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