Financial Commission Appoints Rika Khurdayan and Max Dilendorf to Blockchain Expert Committee

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December 13th,  2018, The Financial Commission today announces the appointment of Rika Khurdayan and Max Dilendorf to its recently formed Blockchain Expert Committee (BEC) to boost self-regulatory efforts for digital currency exchanges and Blockchain firms.

Financial Commission is non-governmental member-based Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO) that provides efficient compliance and dispute resolution solutions to online brokerages and technology service providers, across multiple asset classes including Forex, Contracts For Difference (CFDs) and Crypto markets.

Similar to Financial Commission’s Dispute Resolution Committee (DRC),  except with a focus on the blockchain, the BEC will help develop standards, and normalize definitions with regard to blockchain terminology and token classification and review case information related to complaints filed by clients against members of the Association. The BEC provides a non-binding dispute resolution process for its members and their clients, and Financial Commission is pleased to welcome its newest additions to the BEC today.

Financial Commission Chairman, Peter Tatarnikov, commented: We are delighted to welcome Rika and Max to our Blockchain Associations’ expert committee.  The legal context of crypto assets varies across jurisdictions and can depend on whether a network is centralized or public, or in its early phase or already operational, among other qualities. And how such assets are traded on regulated and unregulated exchanges can also vary considerably, including the user agreements, methods used for executing orders, and any protections in place for customers.

Ms. Khurdayan and Mr. Dilendorf, of Dilendorf Khurdayan PLLC in New York, join a growing number of crypto industry professionals in Financial Commission’s (BEC) who steward the Blockchain Association and its member firms, to process client disputes, and find common solutions to technological and legal questions and build a self-regulatory framework for digital asset firms.

About Rika Khurdayan

Rika Khurdayan’s practice involves blockchain, virtual currencies, ICOs and STOs (including tokenization of assets). Rika provides strategic, transactional and regulatory advice to a wide range of both established and emerging participants in the FinTech space, and regularly represents token issuers, cryptocurrency exchanges, traditional and crypto investment funds. Rika has extensive experience helping clients structure, negotiate and execute their most complex business transactions, with a particular focus on blockchain and FinTech, from traditional venture financing to regulatory-compliant ICOs and STOs.


About Max Dilendorf

Max Dilendorf’s practice involves security token offerings (STOs) and blockchain. Max represented local and international token issuers, investors and funds in connection with launching tokenized offerings in the US. In addition to his extensive understanding of the New York and federal laws that apply to all real estate transactions, Max is also familiar with the special rules that apply to cross-border deals, including FATCA, FIRPTA, CRS, international income tax treaties, and PFIC and CFC rules.


About Financial Commission

Founded in 2013, the Financial Commission is a leading independent member-driven external dispute resolution (EDR) organization for international online brokerages that participate in global foreign exchange (forex), derivatives, and CFD markets.

Financial Commission provides efficient compliance solutions to its members, alongside its External Dispute Resolution (EDR) mechanism that serves as an effective channel for processing complaints from clients of member firms.

To find out how the Commission is expanding efforts into self-regulation and transparency for the digital currencies and Blockchain markets, please visit the Blockchain Association page of our website.

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