Maor Lahav – COO and co-founder of Panda Trading Systems

The Financial Commission / Maor Lahav – COO and co-founder of Panda Trading Systems

Maor Lahav is a seasoned financial technology executive with more than 10 years of experience. Maor started his career as a young algorithm trader in the 90s, and one of his primary expertise is the large scale high performance systems arena, infrastructure built out, web applications and engineering for high frequency & low latency trading environments. As the Chief Operating Officer, Maor in charge of the relationships with Panda’s strategic partners Panda Trading Systems (Panda TS) specializes in building high-performance, cutting-edge technology for the online financial trading industry. Since 2006 they have provided many of the world’s leading online brokerages with a range of products and services specifically customized to meet their business needs. The company’s vision is to continually provide brokers with solutions that streamline operations so they can focus their resources on growth. Panda TS is best known for their unique approach to building strong partnerships with their client.