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Financial Commission is the most trusted forex dispute resolution body uniting more than 40 brokers and technology providers who know that proper conduct will be the top value required in all dealings and producing educated and smarter traders who know how things exactly work.

By joining the Financial Commission, companies are demonstrating their commitment to upholding the highest standards of commercial honor and best business practices in conducting their business, regardless of their licenses and locations. These activities come together to create a cleaner, more credible Forex environment overall.

Provide your clients with confidence that they are doing business in a fair and balanced environment and give them:

  • Protection by Commission’s Compensation Fund for up to €20,000 per case
  • Access to a neutral and interest-free realm to address any complaint
  • A swift and efficient investigation and resolution (as opposed to rigid and bureaucratic regulatory bodies);
  • Ability to learn and receive answers, never being “in the dark”.

Being a member is also a cost-effective means to mitigate reputational risks, such as traders complaining on forums creating negative news and feedback. By resolving the complaint through an independent and impartial committee such as the Financial Commission, you will reduce the costs associated with litigation and alleviate the stress and difficulty that process entails.

Besides all of the above, our broker members get special reduced pricing and exclusive offers from some of the most important service providers in the Forex industry:

  • Trade execution certification by Verity My Trade
  • Real-time dealing desk management from Broker Pilot
  • Access to an invite-only registry by DisputeWatch, designed to prevent fraud
  • Actionable market research free of charge from Delkos Research

To find out all the details on our added services, please visit our Value-added Services page.