Nir Porat – Co-Managing Partner at Ben Basat, Porat & Co.

The Financial Commission / Nir Porat – Co-Managing Partner at Ben Basat, Porat & Co.

Nir Porat is the Co-Managing Partner at Ben Basat, Porat & Co., an international law firm based in Tel Aviv. He is responsible for leading the Corporate and International Law departments at the firm, and provides legal advice to public and private entities including across the financial services industry. As a leading specialist in the field of capital markets, including forex, binary options, electronic clearing and billing, as well as financial and gaming regulations internationally, Nir brings a diverse set of skills to the Financial Commission’s DRC. In addition to his capital markets expertise for companies in various jurisdictions globally, Nir’s clientele include technology conglomerates such as LG Electronics Group, Malam Team – one of Israel’s largest IT firms, and Israel-based communications firm Netvision Group, among other private and governmental entities across related IT and investment industries globally.