Order Execution Certification

The Financial Commission / Order Execution Certification

Gain more trust from your customers – become a Verified Broker!

Trust and credibility are the main pillars of success for online brokerage firms. Customers need to be confident when choosing a broker. That is why the Financial Commission has partnered with VerifyMyTrade to provide brokers an added layer of transparency by highlighting the quality of trade executions. The simple to use process analyzes historical trade data on a monthly basis to determine satisfactory trade executions overall.

Similar to the “best execution” requirements in major international jurisdictions, the Financial Commission Execution Certification service ensures that customers are receiving fair and transparent pricing and thus complying with the industry accepted best execution standards.

Clients can check their broker’s Order Execution Certification with the Financial Commission on a monthly basis by accessing our website’s Members section. Verified brokers are provided with a unique badge and shield to confirm their ongoing certification, as well as a unique link to display their execution audit results:

Approved member firms of the Financial Commission enjoy a 70% discount for the monthly Execution Certification service fee. Brokers can also sign-up for the Execution Certification service without obtaining a full membership in our organization for a fixed annual fee.