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Collective Investment Platform Certification Guidelines

As part of the Financial Commission’s commitment to transparent and honest trading practices and the growing popularity of Collective Investment Platforms, such as Copy Trading services and percent allocation management modules (PAMM), our organization has developed a certification for such investment technology providers.

The Collective Investment Platform certification is available to:

  • Copy Trading service providers
  • PAMM investment service providers

The Certification process helps to ensure that investors and traders are operating on a level playing field, with commonly accepted standards for managing and operating collective investment accounts, whether they involve copying trades or investing funds into a managed trading account.

To obtain certification collective investment service providers must submit an application and complete a comprehensive questionnaire detailing the key policies and procedures used for investors, authorized traders and copy traders, including

  • Technical setup of investor’s or copy trader’s accounts and their functionality
  • Funds allocation, calculations and trade results reporting procedures
  • Security and KYC policies, including any possible restrictions
  • Policies for rating authorized trader or investor account performance

Following the submission of the application and review of the questionnaire, the Financial Commission may advise the PAMM service provider to implement changes to its policies and procedures in order to obtain certification, if appropriate. Once the Commission is satisfied with all the relevant policies and procedures of the service provider, an official certificate will be issued and published on the Financial Commission website.