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Stanislav Shamayev is a founder and leading business-immigration and corporate attorney at American professional law firm –  Shamayev Business Law.  Stanislav has experiences that qualify him as an expert in the legal field. He graduated from FAU in 2012 with honors and an award for community services and St. Thomas School of Law Magna Cum Laude, in 2015 with honors. Stanislav is an attorney in good standing in Florida and eligible to practice law in all State and Appellate courts in Florida, and South District Federal Court. He has a license to practice civil and corporate law in the state of Florida and a license to practice immigration law in 50 States of the US and Columbia district.  The founder of ShamayevLaw, P.A. Stanislav authored more than 10 articles discussing different legal topics.  Among them are investment visas, medical cannabis, bitcoin, and blockchain. Stanislav was a speaker at numerous conferences and seminars on a national and international scale regarding the Federal regulations of cryptocurrencies, medical cannabis, and business immigration. Mr. Shamayev is a member of the Florida Business Section and Digital Currency Task Force. In the task force, Mr. Shamayev participates in drafting Florida crypto- and blockchain-related laws.