Test Application

The Financial Commission / Test Application

Legal Information

Is the firm currently licensed or regulated in any jurisdiction?


[group group-695]


General Information

Dealing Information

Does the firm outsource their dealing desk?

Does your company store tick data?

[group group-304]


Dispute Resolution

Has your company ever had any previous disciplinary actions from a regulator or legal entity?

[group group-830]


Has your company been previously registered with a regulatory entity and is no longer regulated?

[group group-899]


Company Contact for future communications with the Financial Commission

The Financial Commission asks that you please supply the following documentation along with your application:

  • Company certificate of incorporation
  • Photo identification for all owners/principals of the company (More than 10% Owners)
  • Current copy of Customer Agreement form

Please send all documentation to: [email protected]

Signature By signing this document you agree that you have completely reviewed all information and attest to the best of your knowledge that the information you have provided on the Financial Commission Membership Application is 100% accurate and has not been falsified in any way.