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Board of Directors

Peter Tatarnikov – Chairman

Peter has 17 years experience in the Forex Industry. He started his career as a trading desk assistant back in 1999 and in 2003 he filled a Chief Dealer position in one of the largest retail Forex brokers in Russia. In-depth knowledge of FX operations and high managerial skills brought Peter to a COO position at Forex Club USA in 2006 and in 2010 he earned a CEO chair. During his career, Peter designed and held over 200 seminars on Forex Trading. He also conducted seminars for senior representatives of the Bank of Russia on western models of Forex regulation.  Professional trader and author of a dozen books Dr. Alexander Elder, included Peter’s trading strategy into his book “Entries & Exits”. Peter’s professionalism and commitment have made him a well-known FX market commentator and spokesperson for the retail FX industry.

Michael Greenberg – Board Member

Michael Greenberg is the CEO and founder of Forex Magnates. Michael launched Forex Magnates in 2009 as a simple blog in an effort to bring more transparency to the forex market. Ever since the humble project grew into a well known portal providing daily news, commentary and research about the forex industry in 7 languages. Since 2012 Forex Magnates is also operating several major industry B2B conferences such as Tokyo and London Summit and IFXEXPO Asia. Prior to Forex Magnates Michael worked as Sales Executive for a forex software firm and prior to that was an Associate in an investment bank. In January 2012 Michael was chosen as “Forex Person of the Year 2011” by the prestigious FXStreet portal.

Alexey Pavlenko – Board Member

Alex has 17 years of marketing experience and he is a true expert in strategic planning and operational marketing.
His career includes a variety of projects including the Forex industry. One of Alex’s strengths are start-ups and has helped develop 3 major Forex projects from scratch.  In 2003 he was appointed to the  Chief Marketing Officer position at one of the largest retail FX Brokerage companies – Forex Club, where he successfully led growth and market innovation initiatives.

Our Team

Anatoly Bulanov – Head of Dispute Resolution Committee 

Anatoly has rich experience in the field of trading and finance in general, as well as over a decade experience in financial markets education. Online and offline seminars, trading rooms, and market research are just a few of the elements Anatoly has specialized in, having witnessed and dealt with countless situations and scenarios that any trader could ever stumble upon. The International Academy of Exchange Trade in Beijing and Forex Club in New York are some of the places where Anatoly has built up his impressive track-record. Founder of educational portal GMTPartner.org, Anatoly provides traders and investors with proprietary market sentiment indicators based on the portfolio of trading strategies.

Nikolai Isayev – Chief Operating Officer

Nikolai held a number of senior roles for GAIN Capital Group’s Forex.com brand, with a concentration across various regions including Russia, Eastern Europe, Australia and the US. While at GAIN Capital Group, Nikolai held senior marketing roles which included managing and coordinating across related efforts tied to trading signal products and platform technology localization in many regions of the world including five years in Russia and the Commonwealth Independent States (CIS) for the broker. Nikolai is the founder and president of New York-based Dartek Consulting, a boutique advisory firm providing marketing and consulting services to venture capital firms, crypto companies and online brokerages.

Artem Karpichenko – Senior Operation Officer

Artem Karpichenko is a law professional who currently holds the role of Senior Operation Officer, helping our organization serve participants in the online financial brokerage industry. Before his current role, Artem was a Senior Counsel at RDI Group in Moscow, where he gained hands-on experience dealing with court litigation and legal cases that often arose between consumers and companies. Artem obtained a Bachelors of Laws from King’s College London, after obtaining a Master’s degree in Civil Law from the Russian Academy of Justice in Moscow, where he is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in the field of legal work in Government agencies.