Financial Commission imposes new Voice Risk Disclosure Requirements

The Financial Commission / _en_export / Financial Commission imposes new Voice Risk Disclosure Requirements

Financial Commission Rule 6.2 of Membership Rules and Guidelines places responsibility on every Member to diligently notify their customers about risks associated with advisory service provided verbally or orally (via telephone or digital voice communication) or other digital methods from another human staff, management, contractor, analyst, consultant, affiliate or IB partner of a brokerage firm that is member of the Financial Commission.  

The Rule also requires every Member to obtain client’s written and voice acceptance of the relevant risks they are undertaking as well as the risks of relying on or considering investment advice. Members should follow the procedure, which outlines necessary measures that must be taken before providing verbal or oral advisory services to their clients.

New requirements will come into effect on January, 25th 2017 and Members must adopt new Voice Risk Disclosure Requirements till that date.

For more information please contact Financial Commission at [email protected]

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