Italy Continues to Block Unauthorized Firms

The Financial Commission / Regulatory Actions / Italy Continues to Block Unauthorized Firms

Italian financial regulator CONSOB is on a roll – continuing its efforts to protect Italian citizens from possible scams and fraud by blocking the websites of unauthorized firms using the so-called “Growth Decree”. In its press release from October 16th, the regulator indicated that it has taken action against the following firms:

  • Broker Major Ltd (website;
  • Premium Solutions Ltd (website and related page;
  • Swissgems Ltd e Media Solutions Ltd(website and url;
  • Royaltyfinance“(website;
  • ESOS International LTD and Kakedy International S.R.O (websites and

Traders should take note of the new regulatory actions to make sure their funds are not at risk if they had dealings with such firms and use the Check Your Broker directory to review the status of their online broker.

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