Alexey Sidorov – Chairman of the Financial Market Development Association of Belarus (ARFIN) is a prominent financial markets economist with senior-level executive experience which includes serving for private companies and governmental financial institutions over a career spanning 17 years. In his most recent position, Alexey was Deputy Head of the Department for Foreign Economic Activities Monitoring at National Bank which drafted legal regulatory acts under the main directorate for currency regulation and currency control. Alexey held this role from 2013 through June 2016, and his work involved monitoring foreign trade activities and drafting appropriate regulations to meet policy needs as Deputy Head of the department. Before his promotion to the role of Deputy Head, Alexey was Chief Economist at National Bank, for eight years from 2005 through 2013, and during that time was an adviser (councillor) for the currency regulation department within the main administration of currency regulation and currency control. This department drafted legal acts and maintained existing rules for currency regulations and under Alexey’s guidance. From 2001 to 2005 before joining National Bank, Alexey was senior economist at Infobank (JSCB) within the active operations department which managed the bank’s loan portfolio and sale of banking products.