Vasily Alexeev – СТО Serenity, CEO UpTrader

The Financial Commission / Vasily Alexeev – СТО Serenity, CEO UpTrader

Vasily has over 10 years experience in technology development for commercial firms, including 6 years in development for Forex brokers. Mr. Alekseev is currently the CEO of UpTrader, a software provider for brokers and ICO projects. Vasily has several successful cases of building a technology infrastructure for a brokerage company from scratch. Vasily also participated in a successful Initial Coin Offering for Serenity, where UpTrader was the technology provider, building crypto gates, writing and auditing smart contracts and building the infrastructure to conduct an ICO. Mr. Alekseev was first a consultant and now the CTO of the Serenity project, which successfully launched the first-ever escrow on Blockchain, as well as the Serenity Exchange. Mr. Alekseev is a recognized expert in the field of fintech and Blockchain technology.